C&I Reflection

The video link posted above was my group’s collaborative stop animation project. This project was geared toward 1st grade students in Compton, California who were learning about hunger, thirst, poverty, and the impact of natural disasters. Our video specially focused on hunger and thirst in general and how natural disasters can impact these areas. Our video shadowed ISTE standards of K-12 learning when both designing and provided access to students. The use of stop animation itself uses technology in a creative, innovated manor. The standard states that students can, “demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.” Our video encompassed a original, fun way to present information to youth student. The innovation process was also more effective in our project because we had three different people providing ideas opposed to just one. The video might help the 1st graders learn the concept better because our video appealed to visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning. The video itself provides visual keys that can help children associate simple moving pictures with harder concepts. We used voice-over in our video to explain pictures that some auditory learnings might need for clarification. Lastly, we prompted discussion in the video so the students could take a more active role in their education. This whole process was very rewarding to me because I was able to learn about a new way of education that differs from the normal and it taught me to think outside the box on way to explain harder concepts to children.





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