About This Blog

My name is a Tiffany Rogers and I am a social work major at the University of Georgia. This semester I am taking a Computer for Teachers class and we are learning about how technology can be used in Education and in our professions. Currently, we are working on an ongoing project that requires us to blog about an area of interest that we have in education. My blog for this project is going to focus on Montessori Education.  I choose this topic because I recently began working as a substitute teacher at a young Montessori facility and I found myself agreeing with the practices and methods of the teacher. In addition, I found myself shocked by the progress the young children were making. This caused me to become more curious about Montessori Education and I also think that research into the subject will help me provide a better experience when I am with the children. I hope my readers will learn about the Montessori Method and maybe be able to compare it to other forms of education. If my readers have children, this could also help them decide if enrollment into Montessori schools sounds promising or if one would prefer the traditional route.  I personally hope to learn more about this topic as I research it for my blog and also learn how to blog and keep my readers interested and informed.


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