Montessori vs Public School

Montessori vs Public School

The post that all of my readers have probably been waiting for: the Comparison of Public Schools to Montessori Schools. In attempt to make this as least biased as possible I am going to use a few outside resources. Then I will add some of my personal opinion and experiences.

I think this chart does a pretty good jobs of pinpointing some differences. Source:

**One thing one might need to consider is that Montessori Education is not free, so it is up to parents to see which method they prefer, but also consider tuition.

With my experience, I personally believe that the Montessori Method is preferable to traditional education just because it teaches children to be free thinkers and have a more independent outlook on their own education. I believed everything I was taught growing up in school and then when I was older and was able to research and learn for myself I found many of the facts I was taught were actually opinions. Children in Montessori schools are taught to ask questions and navigate through their own learning.

Another difference that I believe exist when comparing traditional education to the Montessori method is individual learning plans vs plans for an entire group. Traditional education relies a lot on conformity of a group. That personally am not a fan of the idea of conformity especially in children  and I like that Montessori focus on individual, different plans of learning.



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