Montessori and Technology

Montessori and Technology

I have noticed that while I have been working at Lifespan Montessori, I have not seen a lot of technology. There is the cellphone which is used to call parents and text parents who prefer texting or send pictures of “boo boos” of children so they can see how bad it is. They have a blog that they connect to their website to help keep parents updated. Lastly, there is a CD player where they play music for children to dance and sing. There are not computers at the facility besides the ones used in the front office and they have no televisions either. This is most likely because Montessori Education promotes hands on learning and children are not taught by lectures so educational videos would really not be useful. This causes me to wonder what types of technology would be useful in Montessori Education, if any.

This article talks about how technology is not necessary in early childhood education and can hinder the developmental process. It also adds that many computer professional started their education in Montessori schools and it did not prevent them from being well-educated in technology.

However this is the website of a Montessori School in Massachusetts that ranges from toddlers to middle school. Their website has a page on technology and how they align their technological practices with Montessori Education.



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