My Personal Experiences

My Personal Experiences

So now that you have read through some of the basic education and research, I want to explain how this related in my experiences of Montessori School. I am a substitute teacher for Lifespan Montessori. You can click here to visit there website. They have really great information where you can find copies of class schedules, information about the education of the different classrooms, mission statements, and more about Montessori education in general.

  • Lifespan Montessori is broken into 3 classrooms infants, pre-primary, and primary.
  • Children do not advance to the next classroom after reaching a certain age.
  • Pre-primary children are required to spend 60 minutes outside a day
  • Primary children have to spend at least 90 minutes outside a day
  • Children are given periods of time to choose work. They are allowed the time and freedom to focus on their work without interruption.
  • Opposed to telling children “no,” we attempt to change undesired behavior by asking children, “What should you be doing?” “Do you need to walk away” “What are your feet used for” “You hurt your friends feelings, what can you do to make it better” or “Please make a better choice” Statements like these let children be in charge of their own behavior and allows them to think and make better choices for themselves.
  • Freedom and independence are valued and encouraged
  • A loving atmosphere is always provided
This picture is of Lifespan's lead primary room teacher.

This picture is of Lifespan’s lead primary room teacher.

Recently the school just had farm day which was so much fun!! The farm bureau brought baby chickens, a cow, a lamb, a sheep, a goat, a corn pit, and face painting. The children were able to pet and learn about the different animals–even the infants! My group of children were excited to explore and see all of the different animals. Also, they loved the corn pit which was a pool filled with kernels of corn. They were able to hold the corn in their hands and even make corn castles. Activities such as these are not once a year events, but are constantly happening at the Montessori school because their education values motor learning skills, personal development (like overcoming the fear of petting a cow, and independence.


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