Montessori Education of Young Children

Montessori Education of Young Children

Now that we have covered the basics and history of Montessori Education, we can advance into the education practices and method itself. I recommend watching the following video for a more interesting and visual representation of Montessori Education. I personally found the video very helpful in my own research and understanding, so maybe it will be helpful to you all as well.

Key points for Montessori Education for Young Children

  • Birth to 6 years of age is the time of the absorbent mind. In this stage, children have the ability to learn and assimilate from the world
  • Children works at his or own optimum level
  • beauty and orderliness emphasized
  • Given the freedom (within boundaries) to make his or her own choices***
  • Teachers purpose is to stimulate children enthusiasm for learning and guide . This is different from teaching because it give this child the chance to learn for themselves and become independent
  • Prepared environment where everything has a purpose. (I will make an entire blog dedicated to this topic)
  • Bust productive atmosphere with joy and respect. Enriched environment with freedom, responsibility, and social and intellectual development

Ages 0-3

  • Most fundamental in the development of human beings
  • Time when a child acquires language and culture
  • Nido- an environment prepared for children until they are walking well
  • After, children join a toddler group and focus is on motor coordination, independence, and language
  • Children are not advanced by age, buy by development

Ages 3-6

  • Undergoing process of self-construction
  • Main focus areas: practical life, sensorial, language, and mathematics. also emphasis on creative arts
  • Offered globes, maps, songs, land forms, collections of pictures of life in different cultures, etc
  • Work at their own pace uninterrupted
  • Completes cycle of work that typically makes the child feel satisfied and confident
  • Reading, writing, language, and spelling are not taught separately , but all together

***So I receive all of my information through Association Montessori International, North American Montessori Association, and American Montessori Society. These are the main three associations that govern Montessori education.  Any other non-referenced information in my blog will come from my personal experiences and the experiences of the individuals I work with.



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